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Growing up – Sniper at 28 weeks

I was just thinking about how fast Sniper has been growing up. (For those unsure, he is a Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog mix, aka. A LOT of dog in one package! 😉 It was only a few short months ago we took him into our home at about 4 months of age. As of today, he is already 8 months, nearly his full height and already in agility classes. Time sure flies!

These were taken near the end of Otober when he was 28 weeks old. Like a lot of herding breeds he is very toy focused. He could play with a ball or frisbee for hours on end! Thank heavens for the creation of the Chuckit, but we still are careful because he is a growing puppy.


One thing about Snipe is that he LOVES to talk. Seriously. I’ve never met a dog that has as much to say as he does.


In between barking I was able to get some more ‘serious’ faces from him.


Then again, I did say he was a LOT of dog… He loves his tug leash. Sometimes I’m surprised I have all my fingers still, he can be quite the shark! Even more impressive, I was able to capture these shots holding the toy in one hand, and camera in the other. Camera made it out unscathed! Although I think I got a few bruises that day… Reminder to self – buy a pair of thick gloves for tugging with this dog!


I love this boy. He is quite the combination of being a talker and poser. Now that the weather is starting to get cold – I cannot wait to capture his first time in the snow. I feel very lucky that our paths crossed, and I ended up with such a wonderful dog. Of course, his ‘talking’ can get a bit out of control, but the kisses and tail wags make up for the ear piercing barks!

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