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Dog Park from a Dog’s Point of View

Recently a friend shared this video with me, and I thought it would be worth while sharing with everyone else too! Kelsey Wynn took his Great Dane, Bishop, to the dog park to play with a GoPro strapped to his harness. This video is a lot of fun, and gives a wonderful eye level view of the antics dogs are up to at the park. I found it pretty amazing to watch, I couldn’t stop smiling, and it makes me wish I were a dog! Luckily I get the next best thing by living with and photographing them!

In a short write up about the video it explains that Kelsey also used a second GoPro mounted on a monopod to get shots from different angles. He shot everything in 60 frames per second so he could use slow motion to capture the incredible detail that is normally too quick for our eyes.

Thank-you to Kelsey for producing such a wonderful video tribute to dogs! For more information and to see the original web page by a fellow Photographer and also a multi-talented artist, visit


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Mystery Injury!

Some may already know about my knee troubles this past month, as it has been over 4 weeks now since the initial injury. Despite having seen three doctors, a specialist, having an ultrasound and 2 separate sets of X-Ray’s my injury still have the doctors stumped! I am scheduled for an MRI next week which I am excited about. I have always found the field of medicine interesting, and it will be a brand new experience for me that I’ve only ever seen on television before.

Thankfully this past Wednesday I was told by the specialist that I no longer require the leg brace and crutches and can resume walking once again. It took me a few days before I regained enough movement and strength in my left leg to go out walking, but it was well worth the wait! I took the dogs out to a local baseball diamond for a fun game of fetch. I never truly appreciated how much these little outings meant to me until it was taken away.

I have been working on a 52 weeks photography project with my youngest dog Sniper. This project requires the participants to post one photograph a week that must be taken and posted within the same week. After what felt like an eternity of not being able to go out for walks, I was just thrilled to get out for the first time since my injury. I wanted to take some high energy shots that reflect on the pent-up energy we all have around here, and I channelled all my desires for some action and speed into the images.

This has been a difficult time for me, and I truly appreciate those who have been supportive and understanding. I am anxious to be back to my regular self, and am patiently waiting to meet some wonderful dogs in the near future!



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Hidden Jems

Living in a suburban environment can make it difficult to find nice places to walk the dogs close to home. Richmond Hill is located centrally in the Greater Toronto Area, with the closest dog friendly hiking locations a minimum of 45 minutes away in each direction. I have always been a nature lover and my favourite places to visit are those that seem far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I truly enjoy being alone in the woods with the dogs, taking in the scenery, sights, and sounds of what the world naturally offers.

Hiking in the woods is serene, it calms my spirit and relieves me of stress. The dogs love it equally as much, as it offers them a sense of freedom they normally do not have. The look of enjoyment on their faces is all I need to feel at ease. For my dogs, there is no other form of exercise that stimulates them as much as running through the woods does.

This is why I feel so fortunate to have discovered a trail near my home that offers this feeling of freedom, despite being surrounded by a busy suburban environment. The trail is tucked away off main roads with no signage to indicate it is there. This trail is surrounded by large open fields, the majority untouched as there is only a single pathway. Quite of a few of my all time favourite photographs of my dogs have been taken in this location. I am truly grateful to have this trail in our city, and wish that more land could be preserved for people to enjoy the natural beauty.

These photos were taken in January at this wonderful location.


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