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Guinea Pig Portraits

While recovering from my knee surgery I still wanted to be outside taking pet photos! Since I can’t get down or around yet to keep up with my active dogs, I decided to finally get some new portraits of our guinea pigs. I am happy to have gotten some adorable shots of them to hang up on the wall in our piggie room! I will be taking them outside again soon for a variety of new photos, since it turns out they are a lots of fun to work with! My sister has been scouting out props to use in photos with them, so I can’t wait to see what else she will find.

This is Cassie, one of the piggies we adopted in the fall from a rescue. I think she looks adorable in the black bow 🙂


And V, the second rescue that is sister to Cassie, although not related they are a few months apart in age. V is very social, she comes up to the bars asking for veggies and pets.


This is Twix, followed by her sister Skittles. They are both very sweet, but Skittles lives up to her name – she is the most skittish out of all of them, which is funny considering she is the biggest and also the boss! Twix enjoys being petted, she purrs just like a cat in enjoyment – something you definitely need to see/hear to understand!


I have to say they are one colourful and adorable group of cuteness. I never knew how much I would love owning guinea pigs until we got our first two over a year ago. We hope in the future to make our cage bigger and adopt a few more rescues to add to the family!

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Bella, German Shepherd Puppy

I wasn’t sure what to expect at Bella’s session – having been around a lot of puppies, you learn that at a young age, there is always something new and exciting to do! I was pleasantly surprised when she showed up, tail wagging, ready to give me her full attention! She was a great model, completely into both the treats and toys I had brought along. Like most puppies as well, she was full of energy and silliness! I say no puppy shoot is complete without at least one case of the zoomies!

I get a lot of people asking about what they can do if their dog can’t be trusted off-leash. It is not a problem at all – I always carry a long line along to give the dogs freedom, yet security at the same time. Bella was on a line the entire time to make sure she was safe and stayed close. Leashes are then removed in post-production. Starting in the summer we will be have a new assortment of long lines with improved clips making it easier to edit and remove later.

We started off Bella’s session in a little known trail in Richmond Hill. This was her first time exploring in such a location, she absolutely loved it! She is going to definitely be a great hiking and cottage dog in the future. Once she discovered the bushes, we couldn’t keep her from jumping in them.


Then came the zoomies as she bounded towards me when she heard the squeak of the toys I was carrying! From all her running around, it didn’t take long before she started to tire.


We then walked back to the beginning of the trail. It passes through a section of a golf course – the only place in March you could find any hint of colour!


Bella quickly discovered the joys of the fallen sticks, and also one of the golf holes in the ground. She quickly moved to investigate by sticking almost her whole head inside!


And of course, as I said, “no session is complete without zoomies!”


Thank-you for the great time! Every session is so much fun, and Bella had the best playtime with me. The dogs seem to forget there is a camera with everything going on! I can’t wait to see Bella again in the near future when she is grown up.

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Mystery injury solved!

Thank-you so much to all my friends, family, and clients who have been supportive and wonderful! On Monday April 30th I went in for arthroscopic surgery on my knee, and the cause of my pain and knee problems was finally discovered after what felt like a long 4 months. It turns out I had damaged the cartilage and had something called hypermobile lateral meniscus (in other terms, the cartilage was very loose and shifting, causing all the pain and problems). The surgeon has removed the damaged piece, and I am now at home recovering. Once I am fully healed up I should be able to kneel and run like I used to! Sessions are post-poned until I am able to return to work and get back out walking and photographing. In the mean time, I am grateful for everyones well wishes to a speedy recovery!

I took these photos of my dogs on the weekend at the local park before I had to go in. We had some gorgeous sunshine! The dogs are being wonderful, I think they understand I need to rest and have been unusually quiet.


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