Happy New Year!

On Sunday I got my three dogs out for a fun afternoon out in the snow. I still find it hard to believe that this group walk was our last one in 2012! This year has gone by fast with unexpected challenges, and surprising rewards. I had my share of happiness, sadness, tough times, and wonderful times. I thank everyone who has supported me and been a great friend this past year. With my injuries behind me, I truly look forward to 2013 and kicking it off on a good note! So much has happened this year, I can’t wait for the new one and everything that will come with it.

Have a Great New Year, and enjoy these cloudy winter day photos!


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Opal the Poodle Mix – Ontario Dog Photography

Opal was a challenge to photograph! Not interested in toys or treats, and nearly impossible to move away from your legs – it made for a great learning experience. With patience and time any pet can have great photos of them! What most people do not understand is how much time you really need to take photographs. Along with time to get to the know them, you need patience and understanding of the pets personalities – and tailoring your approach to them is of utmost importance.

With Opal, we started the day off on a group dog hike. She hardly would move away from the legs of my friend, who was walking her while her owner was away on vacation. When we got back, we gave her some individual time in the yard to get to know me better. For Opal, we had the added challenge that her mom was not around to help. She was in a new place with new people, and you could tell she was more of a shy and anxious dog. Far different from the other rambunctious and energetic dogs on the walk.

Once she got to know me, she would once in a while look in my direction. For the most part, she would sit and smell the air. Just getting her far enough away from me to take a photo was the first feat. In the end, we got some great portraits of this girls smile! With quick timing and patience, I managed to get the shots I was aiming for.


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Catch-Up – Ontario Pet Photography

I think I need to pay someone to keep the blog updated for me! Any writers out there who will work for slobbery dog kisses? 😉

Sorry for the absence, unfortunately I have been side-tracked and busy with non-dog aspects of life. However, I am gearing up to make 2013 a year to remember! This year has been tough with the final semester of college and my knee injury… which has been a persistent and pesky nuisance for me since surgery. Thankfully, the knee is finally starting to co-operate and get back to its normal self! (Only took 6 months for the painful swelling to stop). I am working hard on getting the mobility back, and really looking forward to starting the New Year fresh.

I have other photos and drawings to share, but they will need to wait until after Christmas.

In the meantime, here is some of my crew during the end of October and November!


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Digital Paintings

Long before I began to take photographs I have been drawing and painting. I’m not sure why I stopped drawing a few years back, but it definitely coincided with being busy with work and the accident that broke my drawing hand. I am very happy to announce that I am now bringing back my custom artwork and portraits, in addition to offering pet photography. I really look forward to what the future will bring! Pricing and details will be available shortly, in the mean time, here are two example pieces.

The first is Maverick, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier drawn to be printed at 8×10 or 11×14. The second is Cody, my Australian Shepherd painted to be printed on canvas at 16″x20″. I included a closer detail of the face to give an idea of how much time is spent working on the little things. Pricing starts at $50 and up, with prints or canvas available for purchase.

maverick.jpgCody Example Detail.jpg

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Jake, Airedale Terrier Puppy

I met up with Jake and his family early one morning for a mini-shoot of this handsome boy. He is such a sweet dog, for a pup he is so calm and relaxed! This works out wonderfully for the family, it is exactly what they were looking for since they have young grandchildren that come to visit. He definitely is the type of boy who would give them gentle kisses and love to cuddle and play.  It is always amazing the differences in dogs personalities – you quickly learn how each dog is different, and they all take a slightly different approach. It really did not take much persuasion to get Jake to pose for a bit! He was eager to play and curious about the tasty treats I had brought along.

Jake had a great time running around a local field, a place he is very comfortable being at.


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