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Sarcazm checks out the Bluffs


Richmond Green – {Richmond Hill Dog Photography}

Now that the weather is warming up and Spring is starting to arrive, the Richmond Green is a great place in the heart of Richmond Hill to take portraits! I brought Sniper out to see how the flowers and plants are looking, and it is nearly time for that wonderful burst of colour that happens this time of year.

Mini-sessions are available for this location! 30 minute or 1 hour time slots are available. Please e-mail for details and prices.

 Sniper checking out the smells at the waterfall.

The flowers are starting to come out!

Beautiful spring evening, for a while it felt like it would never happen!

I think purple suits him!

Sniper posing by the water, but all he wants is the Cuz toy I had in my hand!

Catch-Up – Ontario Pet Photography

I think I need to pay someone to keep the blog updated for me! Any writers out there who will work for slobbery dog kisses? 😉

Sorry for the absence, unfortunately I have been side-tracked and busy with non-dog aspects of life. However, I am gearing up to make 2013 a year to remember! This year has been tough with the final semester of college and my knee injury… which has been a persistent and pesky nuisance for me since surgery. Thankfully, the knee is finally starting to co-operate and get back to its normal self! (Only took 6 months for the painful swelling to stop). I am working hard on getting the mobility back, and really looking forward to starting the New Year fresh.

I have other photos and drawings to share, but they will need to wait until after Christmas.

In the meantime, here is some of my crew during the end of October and November!


Muttley Crew on the Seaton Trail

On October 9th I headed out to Pickering to hike the Seaton Trail with a meet-up group called the Muttley Crew. Basically, a group of dog lovers who plan a canine friendly hikes each month. This was my first time out with them, and we had a blast! I brought along my pup Sniper with camera in tow and got an opportunity to take photos of the dogs. It is a great experience to have a pack walk, and all the dogs got along so well! I cannot wait to go for another hike with the Muttley Crew in the near future.




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