Guinea Pig Portraits

While recovering from my knee surgery I still wanted to be outside taking pet photos! Since I can’t get down or around yet to keep up with my active dogs, I decided to finally get some new portraits of our guinea pigs. I am happy to have gotten some adorable shots of them to hang up on the wall in our piggie room! I will be taking them outside again soon for a variety of new photos, since it turns out they are a lots of fun to work with! My sister has been scouting out props to use in photos with them, so I can’t wait to see what else she will find.

This is Cassie, one of the piggies we adopted in the fall from a rescue. I think she looks adorable in the black bow 🙂


And V, the second rescue that is sister to Cassie, although not related they are a few months apart in age. V is very social, she comes up to the bars asking for veggies and pets.


This is Twix, followed by her sister Skittles. They are both very sweet, but Skittles lives up to her name – she is the most skittish out of all of them, which is funny considering she is the biggest and also the boss! Twix enjoys being petted, she purrs just like a cat in enjoyment – something you definitely need to see/hear to understand!


I have to say they are one colourful and adorable group of cuteness. I never knew how much I would love owning guinea pigs until we got our first two over a year ago. We hope in the future to make our cage bigger and adopt a few more rescues to add to the family!

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