Hercules and Dixie

Barb was one of the winners of my contest in February, and it was wonderful to meet her and her two amazing dogs! Hercules is a Mastiff, a big boy, but also with the most perfect name ever! He was so gentle, and loved his ball!

Dixie is a gorgeous Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. In typical Aussie style, she adored to play frisbee and one of our main goals for the shoot was to get some of her both playing disc and agility (her next favorite activity!). Both Dixie and my own dog, Sniper, had their agility debut on the same weekend, but at different venues. I hope to see them at a trial in the near future, from what I heard Dixie was a super star getting two qualifying jumpers runs!

Dixie showing off her jumping skills! She makes it look easy.

We started out into the field, gorgeous blue skies, snow, and lots of wind! It made throwing the frisbee a challenge, but Dixie was more than happy to play. She put an awesome effort in, and still managed to beat the wind to get some great jumps and catches.

Hercules was not to be outdone though, he loves his ball and it made for some entertaining times!

Both of them were awesome at posing. They practically placed themselves in position. It is always a lot of fun to work with dogs who just work the camera.

One of the best things about dogs are the crazy faces they make when running with pure joy!

And the not so crazy, but happy expressions 🙂

Then the race was on! Herc took the lead, but Dixie soon zoomed past.

This duo were absolutely fantastic.

Thank-you Barb for a wonderful time and allowing me to capture some photos of your two incredible dogs!

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