Kitty and Milly {Toronto Cat Photography}

We don’t just photograph dogs here! Meet Kitty (aka. Mrs. Mew), a beautiful tortoiseshell, and her room-mate Milly, a wonderful orange tabby. The focus of this session was on Milly, a surprise Christmas gift. Although, lets just say that Kitty did not take well to being left out! She got annoyed that Milly was receiving all the attention, toys, and treats… she looked at me as if to say, “what about me?”. When I finished photographing Milly, I quickly learned that she was not impressed! Cats always make you smile and laugh, and through patience Kitty slowly came around. Pet photography has a lot to do with patience, but also in learning about your subject in a short amount of time.

Thank-you for letting me visit these two wonderful cats, and I hope one day I can come back and give Mrs. Mew a session of her own! She is a diva, so I know she would enjoy having her own time in the spot light.

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