Winter Location Scout {North GTA Conservation Area}

Winter is often a difficult time of the year to find nice locations for photos. During one of my location scouts I came across a beautiful conservation area in the north GTA. It had a very nice forest backdrop with trails and an open field area. There is a pond and various trails throughout the park which I hope to explore in the Springtime. I have added this place to my list of dog friendly locations available for clients.

I brought Sniper along to be my stand-in model. He has come a long way since he was a puppy – he used to never stay still but has turned into my best model. He takes his job pretty seriously these days, but still keeps his goofy puppiness when it comes to action shots. Lying down on the ground to take them is not without it’s hazards! He comes flying at me full speed and jumps on my head and mauls me with kisses. It has become a game of getting up off the ground quickly before there is a dog on your head!

Enjoy the photos, Snipe is a real character!

10.jpg001.jpgsniper photo face.jpg13.jpg15.jpg16.jpg17.jpg005.jpg18.jpg19.jpg20.jpg004.jpg9.jpg21.jpg22.jpg23.jpg24.jpg25.jpg26.jpg003.jpg27.jpg28.jpg002.jpg
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